FF Style Battle UI [MZ]

FF Style Battle UI

This plugin will help you create a more retro-style battle system UI similar to games like FF4, and it is fully customizable! You can change the stat’s format displayed for each actor, including colour, placement, and values, and have it displayed however you want. If you want to show the default sprite gauges, that’s an option too. Simply disable the retro-style stats and enable the co-responding plugin parameters, and away you go. You can even use javascript for most of the plugin’s parameter values to further enhance customization.


  • Implement a more retro-style battle user interface for your games, with complete customization available.
  • It supports all the default battle system types in the database (turn-based, time progress [active], and time progress [wait]).
  • There are over 90 plugin parameter values for you to set, and you can use JavaScript for most of them.
  • Display a more classic battle log with this plugin that displays only pertinent information to the player rather than every little detail.
  • Skip the boring party command window at the start of battle so your players can get right down to business (or don’t).


Terms of Use

1. Do NOT claim ownership or take any code for your own plugins.

2. Do NOT redistribute or resell any of the source code under any circumstances.

3. This plugin is free to be used in any non-commercial game.

4. This plugin can be used in commercial games provided you have successfully purchased a commercial licence from this page. You can begin the process by clicking the red button found below. The licence will cover any and all future games made by you using the plugin.

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Plugin Releases

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Commercial Licence

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