Actor Battle Voices [MZ]


  • You can list more than one filename, and my plugin will choose a sound randomly for that battle action or phase (just use a comma to separate filenames and no spaces).
  • It works particularly well with the various Japanese anime voice packs available on the Komodo Plaza over here.
  • Has support to add actor voices for level up but requires VisuStella Victory Aftermath plugin for it to work which can be found here.
  • You can change the default folder name for the actor battle voices.


How to Use (actor note tags)

If you want to use more than one file and have it randomly selected then simply use a comma , in your string to separate the filenames.

<actorVoiceLevelUp:filename> ➔ (VISUSTELLA VICTORY PLUGIN REQUIRED!) Can be found here

Terms of Use

1. Do NOT claim ownership or take any code for your own plugins.

2. Do NOT redistribute or resell any of the source code under any circumstances.

3. This plugin is free to be used in any non-commercial game.

4. This plugin can be used in commercial games provided you have successfully purchased a commercial licence from this page. You can begin the process by clicking the red “Buy” button found below. The licence will cover any and all future games made by you using the plugin.

Release Versions



Plugin Releases

Download Version 1.02

Non-Commercial Licence


Commercial Licence

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