Shop Core [MZ]


This is an advanced plugin that will help you create highly customizable shops for your game. You can set items to be infinite or have a limited stock. You can change everything, right down to the shop owner’s maximum amount of weight he can hold or the maximum amount of gold he can spend. Furthermore, most, if not all, of it is optional. If you leave the parameter field blank, it will exclude that feature entirely.

You can define your custom shops within the “Shop Manager” section of the plugin parameters. You can then call your custom shop from within the game using script calls or plugin commands.


  • Complete compatibility with my other DM series plugins.
  • Define multiple custom shops right in the “Shop Manager” plugin parameters section.
  • Set the shop’s maximum weight limit. (optional)
  • Set the shop’s maximum gold limit. (optional)
  • You can set the shop to retain/remember items that are sold to it. (optional)
  • Set certain items, weapons, and armour to require specific materials to be sold to the shop first before they become available. The item, weapon, or armour will then require those items to be sold to the shop every time you want to purchase it again. This game mechanic is meant to mimic Etrian Odyssey games on the 3DS. (optional)
  • Display a “new item is unlocked” window when the player has sold the required items for an item, weapon or armour.
  • Set the shop to have all its items, weapons and armours with requirements to automatically be unlocked. (optional)
  • Supports using text codes for changing the colour in the shop and inventory name windows.
  • Use script calls or plugin commands to change shop item prices individually or by percentage as a whole.



Terms of Use

1. Do NOT claim ownership or take any code for your own plugins.

2. Do NOT redistribute or resell any of the source code under any circumstances.

3. This plugin is free to be used in any non-commercial game.

4. This plugin can be used in commercial games provided you have successfully purchased a commercial licence from this page. You can begin the process by clicking the red button found below. The licence will cover any and all future games made by you using the plugin.

Release Versions



Plugin Releases

Download Version 1.13

Non-Commercial Licence


Commercial Licence

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1 year ago

What did you use as the get info plug-in for the item in the video?

1 year ago
Reply to  Dungeonmind

Thanks for the answer, but what I asked is something else. I was wondering which plug-in works when you get an item from a box in the 2 second part of the video 😀

1 year ago
Reply to  Dungeonmind

wow, thx for letting me know!

1 year ago

gives an error message – Unexpected end of JSON input, help please

10 months ago

Hello and thanks for this plugin ! i have some ui problems…

  • Can you tell me where and what to change to get the shop amount of gold displaying exactly as the player gold ?
  • Can you tell me where and what to change to get rectangles of inventory of shop and player in a higher position…

And first of all excuse my english… ^^

6 months ago

Hey, i have this little problem. When i put the number higher or lower then number 1 (id of the shop) It writes me this message, could you please get some advice? Thank you

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