Limited Inventory [MZ]


Have you ever wanted to create a game with a limited inventory system similar to games like Skyrim in RPG Maker? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. Create unlimited containers for your players to store items in, set the maximum weight a container can hold, or disallow new items to be deposited entirely. You can even customize the look of the scene by adjusting values in the plugin parameters. For a full list of features, please see down below.


  • Set the mechanics to “Item Weight” or “Slot Based” to completely change how inventory and container space is calculated.
  • Using note tags, give items, weapons, and armors a weight property. They can be decimals like “0.1” or numbers larger than “1”; you decide.
  • Create and manage all your containers right from the plugin parameters under “Storage Containers.” Afterwards, you can manipulate container settings and contents using script calls and plugin commands throughout your game.
  • Restrict players from taking items from containers when they have no space left and/or restrict any items from being deposited into containers that have reached their maximum weight.
  • Throughout gameplay, items can be dropped, deposited, or withdrawn from containers. You can set the default sound effect during these times for all items, weapons, and armour. You can also override the default sound effects on a per-item, per-weapon, and per-armor basis using note tags in the database.
  • Change various aspects of the game related to the inventory. You can even change the RPG Maker default maximum item limit!
  • Drop items from the party inventory scene.
  • Compatible with VisuMZ_1_ItemsEquipsCore. Please make sure my plugins are below VisuStella plugins and in the correct order.
  • Text code support for changing the colour in the shop and container name windows.
  • Use note tags to increase/decrease the party maximum weight when an actor is in the current party.
  • Use note tags to increase/decrease the party maximum weight when an actor is affected by a state and is in the current party.
  • Use note tags to increase/decrease the party maximum weight when an item, weapon or armour is present in the inventory.
  • Use note tags to increase/decrease the party maximum weight when the equipment is worn by an actor in the current party.



Terms of Use

1. Do NOT claim ownership or take any code for your own plugins.

2. Do NOT redistribute or resell any of the source code under any circumstances.

3. This plugin is free to be used in any non-commercial game.

4. This plugin can be used in commercial games provided you have successfully purchased a commercial licence from this page. You can begin the process by clicking the red button found below. The licence will cover any and all future games made by you using the plugin.

Release Versions



Plugin Releases

Download Version 1.15

Non-Commercial Licence


Commercial Licence

Buy Licence
Since version 1.02, Item Category code has been removed and made into its own free plugin, you can find here.
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1 year ago

​Fantastic plugin! Gives a lot of control over how to set up inventory and storage features. Dev is also very helpful and responsive in helping with any issues and adding new features. I highly recommend! Thanks Dungeonmind! 🙂


1 year ago

What a coolest plugin! I am very satisfied with the function you provide. But I’m sure I can make what I want with a few more things I need.

If you obtain items during a game, such as events or battles, and exceed the inventory weight limit, a window will appear to select items to discard or use in the inventory, and you will need to prevent the game from continuing until you resolve this issue.

Causes a variable or switch to operate when a certain percentage of the current maximum weight is reached.

It is compatible with visual inventory plugin of visustella. (It also works on the shop screen if possible)

Is there a way for me to support you personally, not to mention purchasing a commercial license? This plug-in, of course, your work excites me. Thank you!

1 year ago
Reply to  Dungeonmind

I chose PayPal to purchase the license, but the payment does not work with the following statement.

“CURRENCY_NOT_SUPPORTED Currency code is not currently supported. Please refer for list of supported currency codes.”

If you give me your PayPal information, I will send money directly there, is that okay?

1 year ago

SyntaxError Unexpected end of JSON input.
I can’t use it.

1 year ago

Can anyone explain how to use this?
Do I need to go to items.json and edit items individually for weight?
Also when I start the game with 2 plug-ins installed [inventory and catalogue]
it gives me Error can’t read _table
what table?

Alexander Spicer
Alexander Spicer
11 months ago

Ok so i’m receiving the following error when attempting to withdraw an items from a box. I did manage to get this to play once and work properly. I believe it is a positioning problem. I’ll post my plugins below as well. Sorry had to edit accidentally hit save trying to paste. What position do you think would be best?

10 months ago

Hello and thanks for this plugin ! But it seems i don’t know how to make it work… maybe cause english is not my native language…
When i give the item without the conditionnal branch it works, i have my items and the weight is show in the inventory. the only problem i have is that there is no limit.

so to try it, i did an event, a npc, here is the event :

If : $gameContainer.checkPartyHaveSpaceForItem(7, 1);
Add potion

the item id 7 is a potion with a weight of 0,1

but when i try ingame nothing happens ! the npc doesnt give me anything at all

please how do i have to set the event ?

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