Month: November 2022

DM Limited Inventory MZ Plugin

Limited Inventory [MZ]

Introduction Have you ever wanted to create a game with a limited inventory system similar to games like Skyrim in RPG Maker? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. Create unlimited containers for your players to store items in, set the maximum weight a container can hold, or disallow new items to be deposited entirely. You can even customize the look of the scene by adjusting value... »

VisuStella Skill Learn Parameters [MZ]

VisuStella Skill Learn Parameters [MZ]

Features Requirements This plugin is a direct add-on to the VisuStella Skill Learn Plugin. Without it, this plugin won’t work. Please make sure you have that plugin installed and updated to the latest version first. How to Use (skill note tags) With this plugin you can set notetags to skills to give a one time permanent boost to any base parameter for the actor learning the skill. So Max HP,... »